The ABCs of BPM



IBM BPM product manager Jasmine Basrai and Hubspan VP Margaret Dawson co-authored a post for Information titled: The ABC’s of BPM – Spelling out business processes to get an information impact. Check it out on here: The ABCs of BPM.

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EXCLUSIVE: Q+A With IBM Product Manager Trent Shupe on IMPACT 2011 #ibmimpact #bpm

Recently I had the opportunity to interview IBM Product Marketing Manager Trent Shupe. See what he’ll be presenting at IBM IMPACT 2011 and why he thinks this is the biggest announcement in business agility in the last 5 years. Full Q+A at IMPACT 2011 and The Big Announcement You’ll Miss If You Don’t Go

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Blueworks Live Video Series 4: Completing a Task

So you’ve got the process automated, now how do you complete a task? Take a look at this quick 2 minute video and see how easy it is to complete a task in IBM Blueworks Live.

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Blueworks Live Video Series 3: Managing a Process

Yesterday, we saw how easy it is to automate a process in the cloud-based SaaS social BPM offering, Blueworks Live. Now we learn how to manage the process we automated, using our personal “spaces” in the tool. Learn more about Blueworks Live at:

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Blueworks Live Video Series 2: Automating a Process

This is the 2nd in a series of videos I’m highlighting to give you a closer look at how social BPM works in Blueworks Live. This clip shows you how a process gets automated in the tool.

Learn more and get a free 30-day trial at:

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Blueworks Live Video Series 1: Blueworks Live Overview

I want to start calling your attention to the Blueworks Live Channel on YouTube this week. There’s a great series of overview, demo, and tutorial clips to educate yourself further on this social BPM offering. If you are in the midst of evaluating BPM offerings, this is a great way to help guide your decision also.

Find out more at

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BPM Socialite Is On the Air at BlogTalkRadio!

BPM Socialite is on the air!  We just posted the pilot episode of the BPM Socialite BlogTalkRadio program: Social BPM in the Non-Profit Sector. In this episode I interview my colleague, Mihnea Galateanu, about how non-profit agencies and organizations can use social BPM to manage their activities effectively and inexpensively. NOTE: There was a hiccup at the beginning of the show when I’m trying to bring Mihnea on line, so just bear with it when it comes. I think you’ll find what Mihnea has to say very insightful. Listen now at:

BPM Socialite Pilot Episode: Social BPM for Non-Profits

Feedback Please!

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the show! We want it to be a useful forum to discuss best practices around social BPM and BPM in the cloud, so please give us your feedback.

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Chicago Bears Win NFC North!

Devin Hester Sets NFL Record for TD Punt Returns. AP Photo.

Note: This is my first “aside” post, meaning a “brief deviation off the social BPM path”.  I picked this theme because it has an aside format. No idea how this will look or if it will be construed the Bears started using Blueworks Live or what, but I digress –Krista, BPMS

You’ve probably read it in my bio, but I am a life-long, long suffering Chicago Bears fan. In season and out of season, ever since I can remember. Yes I’m an Indiana native, but the Indianapolis Colts hadn’t absconded from Baltimore under the cover of nightfall when I was growing up, so our family was and is a Bear family.

Thus excuse me while I gloat that the Bears clinched the NFC North championship last night over the Minnesota Vikings 40-14.  The beauty of this win to me is the fact that it took place in what I call a “real football” environment. Due to the collapse of the Metrodome roof, the game took place outdoors at the University of Minnesota stadium in what we call “Bear weather” no less. Call me biased, but I don’t think football should be played in a facility that looks like a cross between the Galleria mall  and Disney World with a screen as big as Rhode Island. The Bears play outside, in an unbranded stadium (Soldier Field), and their uniforms don’t look like they were designed by West Coast Customs.

And so, to commemorate this, I’ve decided to dust off that classic “Superbowl Shuffle” for your entertainement.

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SAS taking governments to the ‘cloud,’ adding jobs ::

SAS taking governments to the ‘cloud,’ adding jobs

Perdue, SAS make jobs announcement


CARY, N.C. — SAS announced Tuesday morning that it is adding 100 jobs and unveiling a new flavor of products at its world headquarters in Cary with an emphasis on “cloud computing.”

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jim Goodnight announced 100 additional jobs to man the company’s new Analytics Lab for state and local government.

Gov. Bev Perdue was on hand for the announcement.

SAS is opening a 38,000-square-foot computing center focused on “cloud” development and services.

“Cloud” is the hottest buzz word in the high-tech world.

By utilizing cloud technology, information technology users can scale network bandwidth, PC and server capacity to demand, rather than invest in new equipment, software and personnel.

The use of virtualization, which enables multiple operating systems to run on the same piece of hardware simultaneously, also improves IT functionality and can produce savings.

Despite the tough economy, SAS posted 5 percent sales growth in the first three quarters of 2010, driven in large part by new deals and R&D investments.

The company has also emphasized the public sector as governments everywhere look to maximize manpower and budgets amid budget woes and global economic woes. SAS’ government sector is pitching local bureaucrats on the advantages of running such products as fraud prevention through a cloud that can perhaps save them money in multiple ways.

Reporter: Rick Smith

Copyright 2010 by Capitol

via SAS taking governments to the ‘cloud,’ adding jobs ::

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New Release of IBM Blueworks Live … and No Vampire Weekend Songs!

Hey! A Christmas “commercial” that doesn’t have Vampire Weekend in it! (sorry I’m going to shoot the TV if I hear it too many more times, but I digress.)

IBM announced a new release of our revolutionary social business process management tool,  Blueworks Live, over the weekend. The big change? Now you can create actual blog posts in your private account, in addition to tweets. Now you can do things like:

  • Sharing best practices or lessons learned with your team or the online community.
  • Documenting the ‘tribal knowledge’ around your processes for future employees.
  • Soliciting feedback on a particular issue you’re struggling with.

So, why not head over and sign up for a free 30-day test drive? You can invite your team to join you, and there’s no annoying Christmas jingles to listen to.

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