There are millions of famous introductions in the world:

  • There are seven acknowledged wonders of the world! You are about to witness the eighth…(James Brown)
  • And now, from Nnnnnnnnorth Carolinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa number 23…(Michael Jordan)
  • Wanna be startin somethin/got to be startin somethin….(Michael Jackson)

So, how do I introduce this blog, The BPM Socialite, besides being the product of my over active imagination?

First Who Am I?

My name is Krista Summitt, and I’m an IBMer. I am the Product Marketing Manager bka Chief Storyteller for a software product offering called  IBM Blueworks Live.

What’s Blueworks Live?

  • Techie Nerd Answer With Jargon:
  • A cloud-based SaaS business process management offering. It combines public and private social media capabilities with business process management tools to offer what is known as social business process management.
  • Average Joe Answer
  • Processes are a series of tasks that you repeat on a regular basis. Ex. hiring a new employee, approving an expense, taking out the trash, booking tickets to the Hamptons each summer, etc. Generally this gets done via email. Email isn’t bad for communications, but in terms of a process, it doesn’t lend itself to documentation, automation, or tracking. Tracking with email usually means people sending email over and over asking “have you done that yet?” WhatBlueworks Live does is let you document, automate, and track any process your company performs today.   Rather than only being able to map a process as some tools do, you can also put it into action. Everyone can see who’s done what, how far along the process is, etc.

What You’ll Find Here On a Regular Basis

I am concentrating on original content: interviews, Q&As, videos, reviews, opinion, and futures. One focus area will be  how people are using social BPM in innovative ways.   I also plan to cover the Social BPM (business process management) industry, innovators, tastemakers (sorry, influencers just sounds so gauche), the new product offerings,  best-dressed BPMers and of course the “it” handbags for spring 2011 (not really, but you get the idea).

Okay You Work for IBM, is This Going to Be One Big “Sunday School Answer” IBM Commercial?

Absolutely not. Will I talk about my product? Yes. But I guarantee you it will be a transparent, honest conversation. I’ve been participating in social media for almost 6 years now, and one thing I’ve learned above all else is to be transparent as I can be without jeopardizing my job.

Psst, Isn’t This Where You Corporate Folks Post That Boilerplate About These Thoughts Are Strictly My Own,etc And Put Our Feet To Sleep With Boredom?

That’s true, and I could. However you’ll find that in the sidebar to the right under my gorgeous profile pic.

Thanks for visiting. Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! –Krista,BPM Socialite