Goldfinger « Adam Deane

Couldn’t agree more with Mr. Deane on this. We need more blogging and conversation, and less “social media fax blasts”–Krista, the BPM Socialite

I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s topic to BPM Blogging.

I’d like to persuade more people in the BPM industry to start their own blog. It’s fun, motivating and mind-opening.

Writing a blog forces you to rethink your view on a subject, articulate your thoughts.

The blog gives you a voice.

Your opinion, no matter your title, your experience, your age, your gender… People will read your post.

If it’s any good they will continue to follow your blog.

If it’s just marketing mumble jumble, people stop following.

The power of the written word is usually underestimated.

via Goldfinger « Adam Deane.


About kristabpm

Social Media Strategist for IBM BPM and DM software products. Views presented here are my own and not that of my employer, its officers, or trustees.
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One Response to Goldfinger « Adam Deane

  1. Jefferey says:

    I blog as well and I’m posting a little something similar to this particular posting, “Goldfinger «
    Adam Deane | BPM Socialite”. Do you really care if perhaps I personallyimplement
    a lot of of your own suggestions? Thanks for your effort ,Effie

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