SAS taking governments to the ‘cloud,’ adding jobs ::

SAS taking governments to the ‘cloud,’ adding jobs

Perdue, SAS make jobs announcement


CARY, N.C. — SAS announced Tuesday morning that it is adding 100 jobs and unveiling a new flavor of products at its world headquarters in Cary with an emphasis on “cloud computing.”

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jim Goodnight announced 100 additional jobs to man the company’s new Analytics Lab for state and local government.

Gov. Bev Perdue was on hand for the announcement.

SAS is opening a 38,000-square-foot computing center focused on “cloud” development and services.

“Cloud” is the hottest buzz word in the high-tech world.

By utilizing cloud technology, information technology users can scale network bandwidth, PC and server capacity to demand, rather than invest in new equipment, software and personnel.

The use of virtualization, which enables multiple operating systems to run on the same piece of hardware simultaneously, also improves IT functionality and can produce savings.

Despite the tough economy, SAS posted 5 percent sales growth in the first three quarters of 2010, driven in large part by new deals and R&D investments.

The company has also emphasized the public sector as governments everywhere look to maximize manpower and budgets amid budget woes and global economic woes. SAS’ government sector is pitching local bureaucrats on the advantages of running such products as fraud prevention through a cloud that can perhaps save them money in multiple ways.

Reporter: Rick Smith

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