Chicago Bears Win NFC North!

Devin Hester Sets NFL Record for TD Punt Returns. AP Photo.

Note: This is my first “aside” post, meaning a “brief deviation off the social BPM path”.  I picked this theme because it has an aside format. No idea how this will look or if it will be construed the Bears started using Blueworks Live or what, but I digress –Krista, BPMS

You’ve probably read it in my bio, but I am a life-long, long suffering Chicago Bears fan. In season and out of season, ever since I can remember. Yes I’m an Indiana native, but the Indianapolis Colts hadn’t absconded from Baltimore under the cover of nightfall when I was growing up, so our family was and is a Bear family.

Thus excuse me while I gloat that the Bears clinched the NFC North championship last night over the Minnesota Vikings 40-14.  The beauty of this win to me is the fact that it took place in what I call a “real football” environment. Due to the collapse of the Metrodome roof, the game took place outdoors at the University of Minnesota stadium in what we call “Bear weather” no less. Call me biased, but I don’t think football should be played in a facility that looks like a cross between the Galleria mall  and Disney World with a screen as big as Rhode Island. The Bears play outside, in an unbranded stadium (Soldier Field), and their uniforms don’t look like they were designed by West Coast Customs.

And so, to commemorate this, I’ve decided to dust off that classic “Superbowl Shuffle” for your entertainement.


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