Missed IBM #DecisionChat Tweet Chat Today? No Worries, We Have You Covered

Did you miss today’s IBM Decision Chat? Don’t fret, I have some resources for you.

We just finished the pilot for IBM Decision Chat, a tweetchat on topics relating to decision management and business rules management (BRMS). Our guest was Dr. Brian Metrovich of Case Western Reserve University, who conducted the Smarter Bridges case study using IBM technology.

If you’d like to look through the tweetstream, the feed is here.

A previously recorded podcast interview with Dr. Metrovich by IBM Product Marketing Manager Vijay Pandiajaran is here.

Comments? Leave me one below and I’ll get back to you.

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New!: IBM Decision Management TweetChat on Smarter Bridges May 18 12PM EST #decisionchat

We are hosting a decision management and BRMS-focused Tweetchat tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18 from 12PM-1PM EST featuring the Smarter Bridges case study. I’m thrilled to have Dr. Brian Metrovich of Case Western Reserve University, who conducted the study joining us for this exciting discussion. We are also excited to have Vijay Pandiajaran, IBM Websphere Business Events and Decision Management product marketing manager joining as well. For background on Smarter Bridges, read Vijay’s post and listen to his podcast on the Good Decision! blog.

Please join us and spread the word!  Use the hashtag: #decisionchat to follow and participate in the discussion. I’ve created a Google Calendar reminder button for you, if you’re like me and have a pretty dynamic schedule.  🙂

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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NEW VIDEO: Introducing IBM BPM 7.5 with Phil Gilbert IBM VP of BPM #ibmimpact

IBM has just released this video with Phil Gilbert Sr., IBM Vice President of BPM. In it, Gilbert discusses the strategy and purpose of IBM’s revolutionary new business process management offering, IBM Business Process Manager 7.5.  IBM BPM 7.5 was announced at IBM IMPACT 2011.

To learn more go here.

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IMPACT Babylon: Behind the Tweetup with Andy Piper and James Governor

After their epic Livestream interview at the IBM IMPACT All-Star Tweetup,  social media luminaries Andy Piper (IBM) and James Governor(Redmonk) take us “behind the tweetup”.

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Best Walk-Out Song for IBM Impact Main Stage? Chic Geek Katie Linendoll Weighs In

Minutes before she caught her plane back to NYC from IBM IMPACT 2011 Las Vegas, the Socialite asked Chic Geek Katie Linendoll what the best walk-out song was during the IMPACT main tent sessions. She gives her answer in this video.

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Goldfinger « Adam Deane

Couldn’t agree more with Mr. Deane on this. We need more blogging and conversation, and less “social media fax blasts”–Krista, the BPM Socialite

I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s topic to BPM Blogging.

I’d like to persuade more people in the BPM industry to start their own blog. It’s fun, motivating and mind-opening.

Writing a blog forces you to rethink your view on a subject, articulate your thoughts.

The blog gives you a voice.

Your opinion, no matter your title, your experience, your age, your gender… People will read your post.

If it’s any good they will continue to follow your blog.

If it’s just marketing mumble jumble, people stop following.

The power of the written word is usually underestimated.

via Goldfinger « Adam Deane.

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IBM Impact Unconference Liveblog #ibmimpact | Kristasphere 2.0

IBM Impact Unconference Liveblog #ibmimpact | Kristasphere 2.0.

I’m live blogging today from the Unconference at IBM Impact 2011. at the URL above. (Can’t do it here due to wordpress.com limitation.”)

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YouTube – #IBM Impact 2011 Why BPM is Hot? – Video Reactions

BPM SocialiteTV was on the scene and captured reactions from attendees at the Why BPM is Hot? breakout session featuring Kramer Reeves, IBM Director of BPM and DM Product Marketing, and Clay Richardson, Forrester Research BPM analyst. If you would, pleaese retweet, share, like, and/or comment.

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My First IMPACT – Day 1

Live from Vegas, the first installment from BPM Socialite TV…

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IBM BPM Product Manager Pens: ABCs of BPM

IBM BPM product manager Jasmine Basrai and Hubspan VP Margaret Dawson co-authored a post for Information Management.com titled: The ABC’s of BPM – Spelling out business processes to get an information impact. Check it out on Information-Management.com here: The ABCs of BPM.

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